Your Land server release on Friday, 1800 UTC (1900 CET)

Welcome to Your Land!

Explore, fight, mine! Build, harvest and win big on the minigames.
Meet friends, tame wildlife and fight hostile monsters.
Unravel secrets, help the citizens defend the town and shape the future of this world.
Settle down somewhere, open a shop in one of the cities and prepare for dangers.
Travel via airship or sailship and overcome the challenges on your journey.

It’s Your Land, Your adventure and Your story.

Watch a sneak preview on twitch, where we stream the servers capital city 24/7:

Join the discord server and invite your friends:

Walk around yourself with a Minetest 5+ client:
server address:
port: 30000

In case something goes wrong, tell us in the bugtracker:

We’re looking forward to meeting you.