Getting started in Your Land

You want to play Minetest, especially on the Your Land server? Goes like this:

  1. Download the official Minetest 5.1.0 Client for your Windows/Linux/MacOS here: Minetest
  2. Find your downloaded file and extract it to a folder. Unzip Minetest
  3. Open the game. The exe file/binary is in the bin folder.Start Minetest
  4. Go to the “Join game” tab and insert into the input fields: Ingame Minetest

port: 30000
name: a name of your choice
password: a password of your choice

Click [Connect], you will load into Your Land.

What you do next, is up to you. Go through the tutorials, enjoy the Minigames, explore Haven, go fighting, mining or farming. Or start an adventure of your own.

Visit the Spawn Stream on at or on the discord at if you want company, but you may also set off on your own. Good journeys, adventurer!