Hello Minetest

As you might have guessed from the title, this site is a fanpage dedicated to Minetest. But isn’t there an official website dedicated to Minetest? Yes, there is! But there’s plenty of stuff going on in the Minetest universe, that isn’t covered yet, but still relevant to Minetest players. That’s where your-land.de chimes in. We feel there’s a dire need for more Minetest related content, because this game is awesome!

Also, there’s plenty of people who would like to play a free, open source voxelbuilder game, but have no clue Minetest exists. Those might want to explore the getting started guide to find their way around.

Why is this a fanpage? Because we are in no way affiliated with anyone. We don’t accept ads, we don’t need to please investors, we do this for fun and because we felt the need to.

That said, we still live in the Minetest universe. We run a server of our own, we use the Minetest software. We not only depend on all those awesome people, we appreciate very much what they created, even when we sometimes criticize something.

Over here, we’re going to explore stuff no one else does. In a very selfish move, this website also serves as my personal brain extension: It took me a multitude of guesses and research, to make some things work in the Minetest universe, so I took some notes of how I did it. Not only to help point future me in the right direction, but also to save you some time when you want to accomplish similar objectives. To answer some more questions, there’s a FaQ section.